St. Anthony on the Lake

St. Anthony on the Lake Parish is one of the fastest growing Catholic Churches in the area, and has a vibrant elementary school and Christian Formation Program.  Their master plan outlined the key needs they wanted to accomplish to achieve the parish goals.  They selected MSI General Corp in 2013 and asked us to create three concept design options to choose from.  Once the concept was selected we developed the plans and budget, and assisted the church in their fundraising efforts.

We broke ground in 2014 on phase 1 which included a new parish activity center (gym), a music room, and a science lab in an addition to the south.  This addition was built into a hill allowing the main elevation to the east to not overpower the existing church.  Another feature to the addition is the new school entry to the south allowing room to drop off students away from the church entry.

The office addition was also built in the first phase consolidating the main office with the school office and creating a separate controlled office entrance.

In phase 2 the old office area was renovated, along with a gathering area conference room.

The third phase is complete. Gutting of the old gym and creating a new Christian Formation Parish Life Center / school cafeteria with a new kitchen is finished. 

The project was completed in Aug 2015.