In the News - October Core Value Award

In the News:

Core Value Award Recipient

Kathleen Harris Otten for TEAMWORK
October 2020

Nomination Letter
I would like to nominate Kathleen for a Core Value Award for the TEAMWORK that she provides to all of us. Kathleen is one of the first people we get to interact with during the hiring process to build our team and she is always there for all of us when we need someone to talk to which helps maintain our team. She encourages us to take advantage of the Wellness program and provide the right amount of pressure/support/encouragement for us to achieve our Go365 Gold Status. Coordinating the Wellness Checks, the Flu Shot Clinic, and the Benefits statement reviews are all for the good of our Team – not to mention the effort she puts into the Performance Appraisals and Team Development Events. I can only imagine how much support she is providing to all of us, but especially the Leadership Team during the pandemic. For all of these reasons, I think that Kathleen is very deserving of the Core Value Award for TEAMWORK.

Congratulations Kathleen on your Core Value Award!

Core Value Award Recipient