Commercial: Fitness Center

Legacy Gym MKE

2019 Completed Project: Wauwatosa, WI

Legacy Gym MKE combines functional fitness with Ninja Warrior. The simple restroom renovation evolved into a full buildout, including mechanical work, changing rooms and storage rooms. MSI General excavated part of the floor to add ceiling height in order to install specialty gym equipment. The design included salvaged barn wood accent walls, benches and window sills, a 15’x20’ mural and a 10’×38’ pit used for a warp wall, similar to the ramp seen on the American Ninja Warrior TV show.

Legacy Gym

R A V I N G    F A N

“From the first time we met with MSI General, all the way through the finishing touches of our project, they were responsive, professional, and thorough. They took care of all of the permitting, contractors, schedules, and pricing and helped the project move along by thinking of things ahead of time that we never would have realized we even needed! They made sure that the construction was complete, on time, and under budget. We look forward to working with MSI General for our next big project!” Brittany Holterman, Owner of Legacy Gym MKE