Links and Drinks Exterior

Retail/Hospitality: Bar & Event Space

Links and Drinks Indoor Golf Bar

Oconomowoc, WI • Completed Fall 2023

Links and Drinks is a premier destination for golfers of all skill levels, providing a unique blend of sports and leisure. At the heart of this innovative venue are state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators that offer a realistic and immersive golfing experience. These high-tech simulators are designed to accommodate players from beginners to seasoned pros, enabling them to practice and improve their game year-round, regardless of weather conditions.


Complementing the golfing experience is a full-service, 40-foot bar that promises to be a social hub for visitors. It’s the perfect spot to discuss game strategies, celebrate victories, or just enjoy the lively ambiance. The combination of golfing and a vibrant bar scene ensures that Links and Drinks is more than just a practice facility; it’s a place where community and camaraderie thrive.

Links and Drinks - Oconomowoc, WI