Resource Recovery - Milwaukee, WI

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Resource Recovery

Resource Recovery
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The City of Milwaukee and Waukesha County joined into a partnership in 2014 to create a City/County intergovernmental agreement (IGA) to contract with a privately-owned operator called RE Community to operate a single-sort processing machine in the existing Milwaukee MRF (materials recovery facility) building on West Mt Vernon and North 13th Street. RE Community is the leading recycling and resource recovery organization in the United States. They specialize in public private partnerships with 32 facilities in 14 states handling 2 million tons of recyclable materials. RE Community selected MSI General to design and manage the construction on the building retrofits and the equipment install process.

The Joint MRF is designed to process up to 35 tons of recyclables per run hour, or more than 60,000 tons per year with a single 8-hour shift. The City of Milwaukee currently collects about 25 tons per year, and Waukesha County collects over 19,000 tons.