Spectrum Investment Advisors - Mequon, WI

Commercial: Office Building

Spectrum Investment Advisors

2018 Completed Project: Mequon, WI

Spectrum Investment Advisors was looking to increase their space to accommodate their current and future growth. The problem was that the building was entirely landlocked. In order to increase their space, they would need to literally grow up. They partnered with MSI General to DesignBuild a second floor on a building that was not originally constructed for vertical growth. Roof trusses had to be cut out to remove the original roof and new ones installed to reinstall the roof to meet the structural requirements of the addition. MSI General designed a signature tower element as part of the addition that houses an executive conference room on the second floor. A unique feature of the interior is that Jim Marshall, Chairman & Founder, fills the walls with murals to help explain his value proposition. The space is also leased to the Mequon Thiensville Chamber of Commerce and many events are hosted in the second-floor coffee house.

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