St. John Vianney Church - Brookfield, WI

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St. John Vianney Catholic Church

St. John Vianney Catholic Church
Brookfield, Wisconsin

St. John Vianney Church and School buildings were nearly 60 years old. Their repairs and maintenance became critical to preserve the integrity of both facilities. In addition, the church and school lacked adequate space to support the current ministry and educational needs. They chose MSI General to DesignBuild the new addition and renovation. A new gathering and narthex space with curved walls and peaked windows was designed to showcase the church’s chapel while seamlessly transitioning with the existing architecture. Enhancements to the existing structure were included to highlight the existing architectural characteristics with improved lighting on the chapel and steeple. A new exterior canopy was added to provide safe, covered access. The 38-year old kitchen facility was modernized to include new energy efficient appliances, additional storage, and new walk-in refrigeration. Site and landscaping improvements included energy efficient exterior lighting, repair and expansion of the main parking lot.

MSI General was responsive with their scheduling to accommodate the changing needs of the parish and school while managing a safe and secure site for parishioners, families, students, and neighbors.

St. John Vianney
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St. John Vianney Catholic Church & School
We were very happy. I always felt MSI General was very honest up front. They want to stand out for their integrity. Their people are very good. This was not an easy job; they have to be very responsible. It involves longs days, then night meetings. It’s not easy to find people of integrity to work for them but they do find good people; they’re always willing to come back and help.