Industrial/Manufacturing: Building Addition

Tanis Brush

Delafield, WI • Under Construction 2024

Tanis Brush has embarked on an exciting new phase by initiating the construction of a significant 26,534-square-foot extension at its headquarters on 3660 Kettle Court in Delafield, WI. This development signifies a significant milestone for the company, which currently operates from a 58,361-square-foot facility on the south side of Kettle Court. The expansion will enlarge the facility to an impressive 84,895 square feet, showcasing Tanis Brush’s dedication to growth and operational enhancement.


The expanded facility is set to house 105 full-time employees, highlighting Tanis Brush’s ongoing success and strategic vision. This expansion not only caters to the company’s expanding workforce and operational requirements but also follows a previous expansion in 2020, emphasizing Tanis Brush’s sustained growth and progress.


With this expansion, Tanis Brush aims to increase production capacity and enhance their ability to provide innovative brush solutions spanning a wide range of industries and applications including automotive, aerospace, agriculture, and heavy construction equipment, building enclosures, data centers, medical, metalworking, material handling, food service equipment, turf care and more.

“We are proud to partner with MSI General again on our ever-expanding business. We could not be in better hands as we have worked with them three times since 2020 to help us focus on our growth.”

Nick Mallinger
President and CEO of Tanis Brush