WOW Logistics - Grand Chute, WI

Industrial: Distribution, Food-Grade Facility

WOW Logistics, Grand Chute

Completed Project: Grand Chute, WI

WOW Logistics in Grand Chute, WI was looking to utilize the height of their building which was currently unused storage space. In order to pursue this idea, MSI coordinated the erection of high-density racking in their 338,589 sq. ft. warehouse. This also included upgrading the existing sprinkler system and installing a new sprinkler pump which was original to the 1982 building, installing a riser room, and five new HVAC units, all while WOW Logistics stayed in production. The food grade facility went through a facility audit while under construction and no points were deducted due to construction. The execution and construction needed to be timely and stay on schedule throughout all phases, which MSI made sure happen.

WOW Logistics