MSI General Team

Who We Are

Single Source Responsibility.  We are all one team in one place for you. We bring the team together at the beginning of your project, we are all aligned throughout the project and at completion.

We are Architects.

We are a designer lead design/build firm.   Two of our executive team members are registered architects:  Jim Olson AIA VP Director of Design, and Julie Mitchell AIA Manager of the Select Projects Division.  We feel that sets the tone for the entire design culture at MSI General.

We have 8 registered architects, 3 Architectural Technicians, 2 Engineers, an Interior designer, and an expeditor for shop drawings and as-built drawings.  We have 16 people dedicated to design to help you accomplish your project goals.  We have great capacity to produce excellent drawings and planning for your project needs.

We are Estimators.

We are expert negotiators for you!  We have five full time estimators who work directly for our VP of Operations Ken Krahe.  They have the ability to create conceptual estimates, bid and award subcontracts, and monitor the financial portion of the projects under construction.  They deliver value to our clients every day.

We are process minded Construction Managers

Our professional construction management team consists of eight Project Directors, three Project Managers, and eight full time superintendents who manage your construction process expertly.  We follow our internal team process that guarantees repeated success for you.