What You Can Expect From Us – Our Process

Our Vision is to be the finest design/build contractor in SE Wisconsin. To achieve this, we use a very rigorous process we call the Life of the Project Manual (LOPM). This process comes from having over 60 years of experience that has been refined into a set program for how we run the entire customer experience and project management. Each step or phase has multiple checklists, schedules, and formats that help us exceed your expectations.

1. Establish the Team:

We begin by assigning a Project Director, Architect, Estimator, and Field Superintendent or Project Manager. They all join at the beginning to maximize their team understanding of your project. They meet regularly to keep abreast of your project.

2. Concept Design and Early Pricing:

We meet you at your business or at our office, listen to your ideas and discuss your program requirements, the design intent, image, needs, site issues, architectural parameters, etc. to establish the design intent, costs/budget. We create several rounds of concept plans, review them with you test the design solutions against your program and begin estimating the costs. Your team participates and makes decisions.

3. Design Development / Construction Documents / Final Pricing / Proposal and Contract

Once the design and budget are meeting your expectations, we sign the contract and proceed to develop the details, including interior finishes, millwork, hardware, HVAC, Plumbing, Lighting, Electrical, and equipment connections. We then complete the construction documents, send them for final bidding to multiple subcontractors, and finalize the price.

4. Approvals

As soon as we finalize the exterior of the building and the site design is established, we engage with the local and State approval agencies to gain all required approvals. This normally would include the City Plan Commission and Common Council, the State plan review, and pulling a local building permit. Some communities have more steps, which we handle for you as well.

5. Award sub contracts

We meet with all the subcontractors, qualify their bids, negotiate a final price, and award all of the final subcontracts. Initially, we award contracts for the long lead-time items, and to the contractors on the job site first to keep the timelines moving.

6. Construction

Build the building. During this complicated process, we hold weekly site meetings with the subcontractors to review schedule, discuss lead times and coordinate work. We encourage you, the owner to attend the weekly site meetings. We also hold weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings with you to review job status, changes, and monthly draws.

7. Post Construction

When the building is commissioned and turned over to you, we deliver an electronic copy of the as-built drawings; show drawings, manufacturer’s cut sheets and warranties. We follow-up at 6-months and 11-months for a walk-through to make sure all systems are operating correctly before any warranties expire.