Why Design/Build with MSI General?

MSI General has been embracing clients as family for over 60 years. Our family culture enables us to attract and retain the best Architects, Estimators, Field Superintendents, Project Directors, and Project Managers in the business. Over 60% of our clients are repeat clients, they love working with us.

Following the time honored tradition of the Master Builder, where a single source has absolute accountability; MSI General delivers the best in Design/Build principles.  Our clients gain huge benefits from our well-established Design/Build Approach.

Benefits of Selecting MSI General –

Single Source of Responsibility™ Because both design and construction resides in the hands of one entity, there is a single source of responsibility™ for the quality, cost, and schedule of the project. We are motivated to deliver a successful project on time that is architecturally beautiful, functional, and meets your budget. We are responsible for all of the code compliance related items, zoning, state and local approvals.

Design/Build firm with Single Source Responsibility™

Cost Savings:

The Design/Build process with single source responsibility™ allows for more flexibility by allowing the construction team to have input into the details before the final design is complete.  This allows more time for the estimating team to ask questions, and price alternates earlier, resulting in a cost control advantage to the owner.

Early Knowledge of Hard Construction Costs:

Hard bid numbers and guaranteed maximum prices can be established far earlier in the overall process. Our architects are in discussions with our estimators every day, in the same office, individually and at team meetings so that the budget is finalized in unison with the design process.

Shorter Schedule & Higher Quality:

With Single Source Responsibility™, design and construction overlaps which eliminates the waiting time experienced in other delivery methods.  Critical stages and early decisions on long lead time items can be decided by the team to allow the schedule to advance.  The result for you is that your building is of a higher quality and it’s completed at a faster pace.

Improved Risk Management:

Performance aspects of cost, schedule and quality are more clearly defined and managed by MSI General’s Project Director who is the leader responsible to manage these risks.  This allows us to reduce the potential for surprises, errors and omissions.

Improved Communication:

Our project team is all in one building and meets frequently to exchange the flow of information.  This gives you, the client, and the ability to focus on your business.  We create a project communication list that gives the entire team everyone’s phone number, and email address including all of the subcontractors once they are awarded to keep all team members in the loop.  We also use a system called Share-file to electronically distribute the drawings and any documents to the entire team and subcontractors.  This system gives everyone access to the most recent updated documents in real time.  We strive to have a high level of client engagement in the decision making process.