The MSI General Design/Build Approach

Single Source Responsibility

In our industry, trust is the most valuable asset we can offer.  At MSI General, our team understands that trust is earned, and the only way to earn trust is to perform at a high level.  Delivering what we say we will deliver and standing by our work is our marketing strategy.

The biggest risk you as a business owner encounters with the traditional method of Design-Bid-Build is the time you spend being the middle person between your independent architect and your independent contractor. Disputes often arise over money due to unclear documents, design, or method of construction.

Across the world, Design/Build successfully delivers projects with superior results. The MSI General Design/Build Model means you will have one contact person.  You will have one entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. The Architectural Designer and Construction Contractor are on the same page; are on the same team, work for the same company, their plans are fully integrated.


vs. Design-Bid-Build Approach Used by Other Companies

Under the Design-Bid-Build project delivery, Design and Construction services are split into separate entities, with separate contracts, and separate work flows. You as the owner will need to manage multiple contracts, and you become the middle person between the Architectural Designer and the Construction Contractors.

At MSI General, We Don’t Work This Way