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Architects, Engineers & Designers

Designing excellence is our passion.

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MSI General’s Design Excellence philosophy is steeply rooted in communication. Our team listens to your needs and provides the opportunity for you to delve deeper into exactly what you want to help you develop your vision. We strive to understand your business needs and will design a space that resonates with meaning, clarity of intent, and expert functionality. Our process for design celebrates the uniqueness of our client’s personality and we encourage you to take an active role in the process.

Design Excellence means working with you throughout the process to design distinct spaces and create culture within your building. Our Design team appreciates the beauty of each building and recognizes the transformational role that a building plays within the community where it stands.

Meticulous attention to detail, spatial design, and consistent quality are hallmarks of our architectural designs. MSI General consistently exceeds expectations, builds trust, and invites long-term partnership and collaboration.


The Interior Design phase is one where we work collaboratively with our clients to develop a physical space that supports the needs and visions of various businesses. Trained to understand the relationship between the architecture and interiors, we design a comprehensive yet customized approach for every space. This phase interprets the client’s needs within the space, within the budget to achieve a design that performs at the highest level. Inspired by our clients to resolve spatial needs, we design well executed, timeless solutions that support a productive work environment where our clients can thrive long term.

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