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Single Source Responsibility™

A unified workflow from initial concept through completion.

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ONE Contract
ONE Team
ONE Unified Process
ONE Mutual Goal
ONE Focus
ONE Source of Accountability

The source of our philosophy

After the recession in the early 90’s, we started asking the question, “How can we or should we differentiate ourselves in the market?” In a market that had become crowded and confusing, how were we different? We were one of the first true DESIGNBUILD firms in SE Wisconsin and understood what it meant to be an integrated DESIGNBUILD firm with a decent in-house architectural staff, though not as large as our staff today.

We decided that what truly differentiated us from others was our willingness to accept responsibility primarily for our design work, but also our field execution.

It was our job to make sure we delivered a complete DESIGNBUILD package to our clients – it was (and is) our job to ask the right questions to make sure we knew what they wanted/needed and to deliver. We decided that meant we were responsible, and we had all the required services and talent integrated within MSI General – under one roof – a single source solution for our clients. We were willing to stand behind our solutions – and the phrase “Single Source Responsibility” came about!

The one challenge we had was convincing our attorney of our new commitment. He cautioned…“That means you’ll have to BE responsible for any errors and omissions!”

Yes…that’s what it means!

ONE team in ONE place

Architectural designers and construction experts are on the same team from the beginning of your project, working together to create the building you envision. We will work collaboratively with you to deliver a high-quality facility that fulfills your organization’s vision for aesthetics and functionality. Your team is aligned throughout the duration of your project and beyond completion.

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