Commercial: Corporate Office

Outpost Foods Cooperative Offices

2020 Completed Project: Milwaukee, WI

Outpost Natural Foods, a pillar of the Milwaukee community for more than 50 years, recently moved its cooperative headquarters and warehouse from downtown to the south side, into a vacant icehouse from 1936. Megal Development Corp. and Outpost partnered with MSI General in an extensive 12,000 sq. ft. renovation to revitalize the interior space that now employs 46 workers at 3200 S. Third Street.

Outpost Natural Foods

R A V I N G    F A N

“While many of us miss the convenience of our downtown offices, this move was important in centralizing our overall operations, giving us opportunity for growth, and providing us with a more affordable place to operate. At this one-year anniversary of moving into our offices, we continue to love the design, décor, and overall great improvements to a site that is so much more useable to us than our previous home downtown.” Pam Mehnert, General Manager of Outpost Natural Foods