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Streamlining your project for superior results.

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At MSI General, because both design and construction reside in the hands of one entity, there is Single Source Responsibility™ for the project.

Design‑Bid‑Build vs. DESIGNBUILD

The biggest risk a business owner encounters with the traditional method of Design‑Bid‑Build, is the time wasted acting as the “middleman” between your independent architect and your independent contractor. The path of communication is often long and broken, and disputes often arise over unclear documents, costs, designs, and methods of construction.

The DESIGNBUILD method eliminates this split and successfully streamlines projects with superior results. Our Architectural Designers and Construction Managers are on the same page because we are on the same team, work for the same company, and our plans are fully integrated. We are committed to delivering you a successful project that is on time, architecturally beautiful and functional, and meets your budget.


Streamlined Communication

Our project team is all in one building and meets frequently to exchange the flow of information. This gives you, the client, and the ability to focus on your business.


Cost Savings

The DESIGNBUILD method with Single Source Responsibility™ allows for more flexibility by allowing the construction team to have input into the details before the final design is complete. This allows more time for the estimating team to ask questions, and price alternates earlier, resulting in a cost control advantage to the owner.


Improved Risk Management

Performance aspects of cost, schedule and quality are more clearly defined and managed by MSI General’s Project Director who is the leader responsible to manage these risks. This allows us to reduce the potential for surprises, errors, and omissions.


Faster Project Completion

With Single Source Responsibility™, design and construction overlap which eliminates the waiting time experienced in other delivery methods. Critical stages and early decisions on long lead time items can be decided by the team to allow the schedule to advance. The result for you is that your building is of a higher quality and it’s completed at a faster pace.


Superior Results

Experts in both design and construction are contributing to all aspects of the project during the entirety of the DESIGNBUILD process. This allows for possible obstacles to be recognized and solved before they can become an issue. With over 60 years of experience, we confidently stand behind our work with an industry‑leading, Five‑Year Warranty.


Reduced-Stress Experience

We believe we can best serve you by partnering closely with you. We invite you to become an integral part of the DESIGNBUILD process, working directly with our award‑winning designers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals. With your direct involvement, our experienced team will develop the right solution for you at the right cost. Through our Single Source Responsibility™ philosophy, you can rely on us to do the hard work of delivering on time and on budget, from the simplest of projects to the most complex.

A Clear Difference

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