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Single Source Responsibility™ streamlines your project for superior results.

Better Communication

Streamlined communication prevents disputes over unclear documents, costs, designs, and methods of construction. Our Project Team is all in one building and meets frequently to exchange the flow of information, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business.


Cost Savings

Single Source Responsibility™ means our construction team provides their experience and input on plan details before final designs are complete. This allows more time for our estimating team to ask questions and adjust prices, resulting in a cost control advantage to you.


Improved Risk Management

Performance aspects of cost, schedule and quality are more clearly defined and managed by MSI General’s Project Director who is the leader responsible to manage these risks. This reduces the potential for surprises, errors, and omissions.


Faster Project Completion

Since our design and construction teams overlap inhouse, communication wait times are diminished. To avoid hang-ups within the construction schedule, critical stages and early decisions on lead times are calculated by our team. Our goal is to deliver at a higher quality and a faster pace.


Superior Results

Experts in design and construction contribute to all aspects of the project throughout our DESIGNBUILD process. Obstacles and deterrents are more easily recognized and handled accordingly. With over 65 years of experience, we confidently stand behind our work with an industry‑leading, five‑year warranty.


Less Stress

We believe we best serve you by partnering with you. We invite you to become an integral part of the DESIGNBUILD process, working directly with our award‑winning architects, designers, engineers, and construction professionals. With your direct involvement, our experienced team will develop the right solution at the right cost. You can rely on us to do the hard work of delivering on time and within budget, from the simplest of projects to the most complex.

ONE Contract
ONE Team
ONE Unified Process
ONE Mutual Goal
ONE Focus
ONE Source of Accountability
Your Partners.
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Life of the Project and Our 5-Step Process

Our vision is to be the best DESIGNBUILD commercial construction general contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin. To achieve this, we use a rigorous process we call the Life of the Project Manual or LOPM for short. This refined program is built upon over 65 years of experience and guides our entire client experience. Each step or phase has multiple checklists, schedules, and formats that help us exceed your expectations.



Led by a Project Executive, the team meets with the client to discuss visions and expectations. Conceptual plans are developed to establish an initial budget and set major milestones.



Our clients actively engage in the design stage to ensure we create a building model that meets its stakeholders’ expectations.



We develop the architectural and engineering documents. We confirm the project schedule, establish subcontractors, obtain project approvals and secure permits.



Excitement grows as the building process proceeds. Our team communicates job status, executes the schedule, monitors the budget and provides updates to the owner.



We hand our clients the keys in this final stage, but stay close at hand. Attentive follow-up at various points guarantees our accountability for the work we completed.