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The MSI General Way

Over 70% of our clients are REPEAT clients.

We are Client‑Focused

This focus drives our belief that the only thing that matters is consistently delivering outstanding value to our clients. The way we do business at MSI General differentiates us from other firms. Every project. Every day.

We are determined to make your experience with us enjoyable and productive. We are committed to making you feel like your DESIGNBUILD experience was special – one you get only from us.

Together, we are designing excellence, building trust, and delivering outstanding value to our clients The MSI General Way.

When we create your vision by listening to your needs and guarantee the quality of our work…



Straightforward, honest communications from beginning to end.

Our commitment to proactively inform and seek your input helps you make truly well-informed decisions that maximize value and keep your project on schedule. By maintaining a client-centered focus in all our interactions, we can provide unparalleled, meaningful communications that reduce stress and take unnecessary complexity out of your DESIGNBUILD process.


Committing to only having change orders you request.

Using our unique, Single Source Responsibility™ DESIGNBUILD approach, errors or omissions will not come back to haunt you – we should, and will, own and address them. It’s your building and you deserve to decide where and how to invest in your facility development. Others will tell you where the cost of your project begins…we tell you at the beginning where the number ends.


Industry-leading, FIVE-YEAR extended warranty.

We confidently stand behind the quality of work our DESIGNBUILD method creates. As a result, we are able to give you added peace of mind with an industry-leading, five-year extended warranty you won’t find anywhere else. This protects your investment and ensures our mutually-beneficial relationship will continue to grow for years to come.