Charter Wire - Milwaukee, WI

Industrial/Manufacturing: New Building and Building Addition

Charter Wire

2014/2017 Completed Project: Milwaukee, WI

Charter Wire Manufacturing was previously in the Third Ward area just south east of the Summer Fest grounds. The old facility was no longer able to meet their manufacturing needs and they selected MSI General to DesignBuild a new facility in the Milwaukee Menomonee Valley Industrial Park. This 163,000 sq. ft. facility includes machining areas, heat treating equipment, sand blast equipment, multiple overhead heavy cranes, several production lines for drawing metal parts, corporate offices, and locker rooms.

Years later when Charter Wire determined that they needed more manufacturing space, they once again called on MSI General to build a 67,000 sq. ft. addition to house three new manufacturing lines. Part of the expansion required MSI General to relocate several Nitrogen Tanks and loading docks.

Charter Wire