Badger Railing - Milwaukee, WI

Industrial/Manufacturing: New Building and Building Addition

Badger Railing

2019 Completed Project: Milwaukee, WI

For over 50 years, Badger Railing has specialized in the custom fabrication of ornamental iron and miscellaneous steel for the metropolitan Milwaukee area. They were approached by the Menomonee Valley Partners and asked if they would like to move into the new industrial park to make room for the expanding Potawatomi Casino. They decided to make the move and hired MSI General to DesignBuild their new headquarters and industrial plant. As the first building in the park in 2009, they moved in with the roads still to be completed by the City of Milwaukee.

The 22,000 sq. ft. plant has their offices located on the mezzanine to allow the engineering staff to see what is being worked on in the plant. The clever use of the exterior masonry and architectural metal panels won several awards.

As they began to outgrow their current facility, Badger Railing once again partnered with MSI General who designed and built their original building that was the first one in the Valley’s new industrial area. The addition would provide much needed shop space for their growing business and include crane bay. Part of the project included reconstructing their current paint booth area by increasing the size of the booth and making two of them. Their dedicated staff can now enjoy new and larger shop breakrooms, locker rooms, restrooms, along with a new employee entrance. The exterior of the building saw additions in yard storage and a secure, fenced-in area. To further accommodate their expansion, modifications and expansions were made to their existing office space for their estimating and drafting departments. The building and addition were both designed for future expansions to continue supporting their growth for years to come.

Badger Railing