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Construction Team

Dedicated, experienced leaders in construction management.

As your DESIGNBUILD partner, we support your best interests and bottom line from project start to project finish.

With our Single Source Responsibility™ approach to project delivery, the design, cost and schedule are optimized throughout the construction process. All projects, whether large or small, rely on the expertise of our construction management team to provide leadership, coordinate tasks, and oversee successful completion of the project. Our work is complex and multi-dimensional as we balance a variety of duties while managing the jobsite and supervising our subcontractor teams. We provide the checks-and-balances necessary to maximize each subcontractor’s quality of work and productivity. Consistent communication with our subcontractors is key throughout the life of the project to propagate their expertise and streamline the construction process.

Our Project Managers ensure each project is completed on time and within budget. Thoroughly aware of each project’s unique time and financial constraints, we update all team members, clients, subcontractors and consultants on job progress, forecast upcoming critical events, and adjust the project schedule when necessary.

Our Project Superintendents work closely with our Project Managers to strategize and plan for successful project completion. We are responsible for maintaining clean, organized and safe jobsites while minimizing the potential of unforeseen disruptions. We are the eyes, ears, and voices of MSI General in the field as we coordinate, schedule and oversee the day-to-day activities on the jobsite.

Through proactive communication, thorough planning and teamwork, the construction experts at MSI General continually deliver projects we proudly stand behind with our industry-leading Five-Year Warranty.