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Construction Management

Committed to building trust one project at a time.

Construction Management
When we partner with our clients, we keep their best interests in mind and advocate for them accordingly. This reassurance results in a project that functions as expected and is completed on time.


Major design, cost, and schedule benefits are realized during the construction phase because of our Single Source Responsibility™ approach to project delivery. All projects, whether big or small, rely on the expertise of our construction team to provide leadership, coordinate tasks, and oversee the completion of the entire project. Their work is extremely complex and multi-dimensional as they are tasked with balancing a variety of duties at once including overseeing the entire jobsite, and most importantly, managing and supervising a unique combination of individuals. Project Directors, Project Managers, and Superintendents provide the checks and balances necessary to maximize each subcontractor’s quality of work, productivity, and effectiveness. Consistent communication with our subcontractor teams is maintained throughout the life of the project to maximize the benefits of their collective expertise, facilitate the seamless flow of information, and streamline the construction process.

The Project Managers at MSI General assume the responsibility for bringing a project to completion on time and in budget while balancing the client’s and MSI General’s needs for a mutually successful project. Our PMs are aware of the time and financial constraints of their projects and are able to realize all the project goals with the resources available to ensure progress is moving forward according to plan. They keep all team members, clients, subcontractors, and consultants informed and updated on job progress, make any adjustments that are needed, and forecast any upcoming critical events.

Our dedicated team of Project Superintendents work closely with the Project Managers to develop the strategy and plans needed for each project’s successful completion while maintaining clean, organized, and safe job sites with minimal unforeseen disruptions. They are responsible for coordinating, scheduling, and supervising the day-to-day activities on their construction sites. Our Project Superintendents provide the eyes, ears, and voices of MSI General in the field.

Through our consistent communication, thorough planning, and teamwork, the construction experts at MSI General continually deliver projects that we proudly stand behind with our industry-leading, Five-Year Warranty.

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