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Experienced construction negotiators aimed at achieving the best value for our clients and partners.

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Our team of expert estimators leverages over 80+ years of combined experience in the construction industry to negotiate the best values without sacrificing quality.


We work together to create conceptual estimates, bid and award subcontracts, and monitor the project finances throughout the construction process. By integrating our client’s list of preferred subcontractors and our list of 500+ approved subcontractors, we establish and maintain the project bidders list, which includes 3-4 qualified subcontractors per trade needed. Our subcontractors are vetted based on quality workmanship, previous performance on similar projects, maintaining a team-oriented approach, and being properly insured.

Every project is thoroughly monitored to ensure the best value is delivered to our clients, each and every time.

    • Schedule meetings and site walk-throughs with subcontractors during the bidding process to encourage proactive discussions, project understanding, and engineering ideas
    • Develop a detailed cost breakdown of qualified subcontractor proposals
    • Review the cost breakdown with the client to select subcontractors
    • Negotiate final pricing and issue subcontracts
    • Participate in under construction project meetings
    • Facilitate plan revisions and prepare associated costs in advance of work performed

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