Dr. Martin Luther Church - Oconomowoc, WI
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Dr. Martin Luther Church

Dr. Martin Luther Church
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Dr. Martin Luther Church is located in Oconomowoc, WI. This church was founded in 1896 when twenty-one families joined together to form this congregation. Today, the Dr. Martin Luther Church has grown to over 775 followers. As the once 100ft x 100ft church continued to expand in size to accommodate its growing congregation, so did the needs for accessibility to four different elevations of the church. In order to create an accessible access point to all floors of the church and the learning center, they enlisted the service of MSI General to install a new elevator along with ADA compliant ramps. This addition was added on to the north side of the church and would also include a drive through overhang to allow family members to be dropped off under a covered entrance. Due to the historic nature of this church, the need to design and maintain the same timeless beauty as the original building’s façade was handled with great consideration. To obtain the approval for this took extensive work between clients, construction managers, architects, brick manufacturers, and the city in order to find the correct match to the existing brick. Once the matching brick was selected, the new addition was able to seamlessly flow and match the existing façade of the church. Brick coursing and stone details such as soldier course, corner quoin, keystones, and banding all tied the addition together well with the existing church. The historic 1898 date stone was incorporated to the left of the addition’s main entryway and to commemorate the completion of this expansion, a new dedication date stone with the year 2018 was added to the right.