Harken - Pewaukee, WI

Industrial: Manufacturing


2012 Completed Project: Pewaukee, WI

Harken, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality sailboat hardware and accessories. Their gear has dominated such events as the America’s Cup and Olympics. Their blocks, travelers, furling systems, and winches can be found aboard everything from the smallest dinghies to the largest yachts and cruisers.

Peter and Olaf Harken selected MSI General to build their new World Headquarters in 2011. The main goal was to move all of their old plant and corporate offices along with the company they had recently purchased into one new 173,000 sq.ft. facility. The corporate offices are all located on the second floor, with the ability to look into the plant area and see the activity of the machines, improving the response time for solving production problems.

The main lobby has an impressive grand staircase leading to a large conference training area that can be separated with glass overhead doors.