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2022 Completed Project: Oak Creek, WI

Since 1959, Astronautics has grown from a small aerospace business in Milwaukee, to a global enterprise. Astronautics has pushed the boundaries of aeronautics technology to create unparalleled, outstanding products. They partnered with MSI General to undergo an extensive renovation of their headquarters in Oak Creek. While Phase 1 revamped the office, conference and breakroom space, Phase 2 focuses on enlarging and updating the laboratory and manufacturing space. The MSI General team recently completed the remodel of a state-of-the-art lab. And now, within Astronautics’ warehouse, a 36,000 sq. ft. second floor is being built to double the square footage needed for additional office and lab space. Since the science of aeronautics requires pristine lab conditions, the building materials used in this DesignBuild project are of superior quality to reduce the amount of foreign objects and dust. Once complete, Astronautics will have all of its headquarters and manufacturing operations under one roof.

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“Aircraft manufacturers and operators around the world depend on Astronautics; our equipment defends freedom, saves lives, and helps bring people together safely and efficiently. Whether it’s a frontline fighter, a Boeing 787, or an air ambulance helicopter, operators know they can trust the innovative products we provide. When we decided to move our manufacturing and repair facility, we looked for an innovative partner we trusted to help accomplish our mission, and we picked MSI General. MSI General understood the criticality of ensuring our operations remain up and running, and that we minimize the downtime associated with the move. They connected deeply with our life-saving, freedom-defending, people-transporting mission. We are excited about the progress and confident that together we will complete the relocation buildout on time and on target!” Chad Cundiff, President of Astronautics Corporation of America