T-Lon Products - Hartland, WI

Industrial: Manufacturing

T-Lon Products

2006/2013 Completed Project: Hartland, WI

T-Lon Products manufactures PTFE and thermoplastic sealing systems. In 2006, MSI General designed and built their original 36,788 square foot structure. When T-Lon needed to alleviate congestion, MSI General built a 13,140 square foot matching addition and expanded the parking lot by 23 spaces. The addition gave them room to alleviate congestion and for future expansion, a kitchen, and offices.

With continued growth at T-Lon, MSI General was called once again to help DesignBuild an office and conference space in an unused mezzanine within the plant. The mezzanine ran the length of the building but this specific section was chosen because it had high exterior windows which would bring light into the build-out area. To make the plant floor below fully visible to the engineers, storefront aluminum insulated frames with insulated glass were used to minimize the noise generated from the plant. This allowed the offices to remain quiet along with the shared, open conference space that continuously uses a large flat screen. The level of finishes in this renovation matched the existing finishes of the executive offices on all levels.

R A V I N G    F A N

“MSI General built T-Lon Products a “Showcase” building over ten years ago, then an addition five years later. When we needed to build out a portion of our interior, it was an easy choice to have them continue with their excellence in building to accomplish our goal. The entire MSI team was wonderful to work with. Our build-out was on time and at budget. MSI General did everything they said they would do and more!” Bob Olson, President of T-Lon Products