Retail: Multi-tenant, Exterior Renovation

G-Town Properties

2022 Completed Project: Germantown, WI

The goal of the Pet Supplies Plus façade addition and renovation was to provide a larger “visual presence” within the allotted space while updating the look of the entire retail center. All the existing brick masonry and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) was painted gray to modernize the look of the retail center while meeting the specific Germanic theme guidelines for that section of the Village of Germantown. The wood trim was painted in contrasting colors to emphasize the Germanic theme on the gable ends. Many of the retail tenant spaces lacked overhangs, so awnings were added for aesthetic detail and weather protection. Additional engineering and structural framing were required in order to install of a gabled roof over the extra-large, extra-tall addition to the single-story retail center.

Pet Supplies Plus DuringPet Supplies Plus After
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R A V I N G    F A N

“Working with MSI General on our façade renovation was truly enjoyable. Specific challenges of this project included the delay of material availability while using a separate contractor for the interior buildout. MSI General kept the communication between all parties flowing so that there were no surprises. Their coordination of project flow and deliverables was second to none. Additionally, they were willing and able to help with issues that fell outside of their scope of work, thereby creating a positive experience. I have over 30 years’ experience dealing with the commercial construction industry. This is my second time dealing with MSI General, and I look forward to the next.”
Dan Karas, Owner of GNK Enterprises, LLC