Historic West Bend Theatre - West Bend, WI

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Historic West Bend Theatre

Historic West Bend Theatre
West Bend, Wisconsin

Built in 1929 and designed by renowned Chicago architect firm Graven & Mayger, the Historic West Bend Theatre fell into disrepair and was ultimately shuttered in 2006. A local investor group bought the distressed property and formed a non-taxable entity to renovate the building. Historic tax credit financing, philanthropic contributions and local fundraising were all critical to financing the renovation and operation of the completed building.

Located in downtown West Bend abutting the Milwaukee River, the theatre group aims to create a multi-purpose entertainment and meeting venue for local businesses and residents. A strong collaboration was formed between the investor group and MSI General to facilitate the redevelopment of the 12, 561 sq. ft. building which included recreating all the original intricate artwork on the walls, proscenium arch, and ceiling.

Historic West Bend Theatre
Raving Fan
Historic West Bend Theatre Inc.
Without MSI General, we would not have been able to get as far as we got. They really stepped in early and supported us through the early phases of due diligence and whether or not this project was going to be possible or not. A good and heart felt thank you to your team.