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Select Projects Division

Equal commitment and guarantee of excellence, no matter the size of your project.

Our Select Projects Division is a dedicated team that focuses on the fast turnaround of:
msi small check Interior Renovations
msi small check Additions
msi small check ADA Upgrades & Compliance
msi small check Space Planning
msi small check Exterior Facelifts

Areas of Expertise

Airplane Hanger Modifications
Door/Window Replacement and Repair

Country Clubs & Fitness Centers

Exterior Façade Improvements

Industrial Projects
Addition and/or Upgrade of Cranes
Equipment/Silo Pads
Ventilation Systems
Processing Rooms

Lunchrooms, Cafés, Restaurants
Upgraded Cafeteria and Food Service
Restroom/Locker Room Renovations

Medical & Dental Projects
Equipment Modifications
On-Site Clinics

Office Build-Outs
Interior Renovations
Entrance Upgrades
Parking Lots and Loading Docks

Religious & Educational Projects
New Entry Space
Addition of Elevators and Lifts
Interior Renovations

Restroom/Locker Room Renovations

Retail Tenant Improvements
Interior Renovations

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